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Covid-19 has been at the for front of the news and has changed all of our lives in one way or another. Its changed the way we interact with each other, affected the way we work and I am no different. I am taking every safe grade to protect my clients from Covid-19 in order to help Prevent the spread. I am doing every thing in my power to comply with the government guidelines as well as implementing our own measures such as hand sanitizer, sanitizing all equipment, wearing face masks and shield and a covid-19 check on all clients before any visit. In addition all clients will be required to wear masks during consultations and assessments, as well as being required to bring their own towels and to use hand sanitizer on entering and leaving.

Please download and complete the form, by clicking the PDF icon on the right. Then submitting it by email before your appointment

Staff member in PPE
Certificate in Covid-19 protection for Massage & Holistic Professionals
Certificate in Covid-19 awareness training
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